MEREBELLA - a 16 ft cruising dayboat - constructed 2019 - 2020; first launched 2021 - FOR SALE

Length overall 19ft 6ins (5.95m);Hull length 15ft 10ins (4.82m); Beam 6ft 4ins (1.93m); Hull Draft 14ins/4ft (0.35m/1.22m); Sail Area 165 sq ft (15.34 sq m); Basic boat weight ready to sail approx 1100 lb (500 kgs); Maximum Crew 5.

MEREBELLA is a finely finished, half-decked, gaff sloop designed and built to look and feel like a traditional wooden boat whilst using modern wood boatbuilding methods to make her robust for trailer sailing, and simpler to look after than a traditionally planked clinker boat. The full foredeck combines with a spacious cockpit to give a boat with plenty of built-in buoyancy while allowing for stowage space and camping aboard.

She is a "Category C" boat according to the Recreational Craft Directive, using the wind stiffness test (which assesses the boat as most unlikely to capsize if handled correctly). The boat is compliant with the regulations to take her abroad, and her braked trailer also conforms to EU standards.

Sails are made with cream-coloured Clipper cloth by Steve Hall (North Sea Sails), running rigging is of traditional-looking ropes, and fittings are of bronze and gunmetal as far as is reasonably practicable. She has an all-over fitted cover in beige acrylic canvas (which can be set with the boat afloat) and a similarly made boom tent.

Being primarily a sailing boat, the outboard motor is not mounted for sailing - she has an outboard well offset from the centre to make mounting an outboard easy when needed - she comes with a custom-fitted Torqueedo Travel 1103CS motor with remote battery and control which stows away neatly. The outboard well has a removeable plug.

MEREBELLA is currently for sale through Wooden Ships brokerage for £25,000.

A fuller description and specification of Merebella

........A traditional gaff-rigged sailing dinghy built using plywood planking – in general emulating a traditional craft, while at the same time incorporating modern construction, buoyancy built-in, outboard well, etc.
Hull Length – 15 ft 10ins . Beam 6ft 4ins OA (5ft 11 ins moulded to inside of plank)
Capacity – 2 to 4 adults (maximum 5)
For sheltered waters and estuary/coastal use (RCD Category “C” - winds up to force 6 (etc)).
Decking – teak laid over plywood foredeck to mast, swept aft to shrouds.
Thwart layout – centre thwart with sternsheets and side benches
Centreboard case is capped with uphaul and downhaul ropes.
Ballast, none except for a weight in the wooden centreboard.
Buoyancy – built into bottom of boat and tanks at bow and stern.
Engine – small (2.5hp) outboard or Torqueedo Electric O/B in well offset to one side
Pivoting rudder – (with step for re-boarding).
Sail area 165sq ft, 2 deep reefs in mainsail.
Displacement and weight: Basic boat weight ready to sail (= trailing weight too) about 500 kgs, (1100lb). Displacement up to around 900kgs, best around 700kgs.

Materials used:

centreline - iroko; transom - teak on ply base. Straight keel with declivity aft; centre-line substantially built for being trail-sailed. Centreboard case has ply sides internally sheathed with glass and kevlar against abrasion.
Planking - Sapele faced marine ply for varnished finish inside. (Bruynzeel Regina 9mm plywood). Teak-faced sheer strake with teak rubbing bands
Framing – webs/floors, with traditional-looking frames to the topsides where visible (ash, sawn frames).
Gunwale – laminated teak with maple stripe.
Foredeck and stern - stern sheets/deck mahogany laid over ply; foredeck teak laid over ply
Thwarts and general fit-out – mahogany
Sole - plywood with glued teak slats.
Spars – Douglas Fir ; hollow mast.
Rudder – teak stock, laminated-&-sheathed blade. Centreboard laminated with lead counterweight, sheathed.
Fastenings: copper, silicon bronze, and stainless steel as appropriate.
Glues and sealants – epoxy glue and polysulphide sealant; polyurethane glues and sealants also where necessary, or appropriate.
Finish – both 2-pot polyurethane varnish and traditional spirit-based paints and varnishes may be used to obtain max durability and ease of maintenance – below waterline exterior is epoxy&glass sheathed and copper-bot coated. Below sole internally – painted. Otherwise varnished. Aft Sole has teak strips glued to plywood sole Vertical faces of bulkheads into the cockpit varnished.
Fittings integral with the boat– generally gunmetal or bronze, as available, and stainless steel. Keel band – brass. Standing rigging – 7 x 7 stainless steel flexible wire with lanyards. Blocks are tufnol.
Sails – traditional – looking - “Clipper” sailcloth, cream.
Ropes – classic/traditional-looking.