Miscellaneous jobs, my own boats, and non-marine projects

One of my own boats is a canoe which was originally inspired in terms of "type" by Francis Herreschoff's canoe described in his book "Sensible Cruising Designs". I have never come up with a name for the design so it is simply known as the "green canoe", and it is still in use after 24 years' service.
Here's another canoe, built by a friend, designed and built with my input and directions.
I'm not an expert on skin & frame canoes but I am very interested in them - light, strong, and beautiful!

Boatbuilders' skills lend themselves to all sorts of other situations and projects of course, and in the course of "earning a living" I've been pleased to take on unusual or interesting challenges (and occasionally less pleased to take on extremely boring jobs) some of which are illustrated here. I also have my own boats and pet projects which may be of interest.

the Dinghy Cabinet

- this is a shortened Nottage Dinghy Hull used to house a multi-media interactive exhibit with artefacts and audio visual history relating to Wivenhoe; part of a community arts project
called "Re-Create" sponsored by Colchester Borough Council - led by artists Sarah Sabin, Catherine Watling, and furniture designer John Baker.
read more on "Re-Create"
You can view more Sarah' work though this link:www.sarahsabin.co.uk

.....the "Pyramid"....

- another project with Sarah Sabin, this time under the auspices of "Creative Partnerships" at Holland Park Primary School, Clacton-on-Sea - an unusual space for study and play created using the children's ideas..