Miscellaneous Items for Sale

the Victorian Canoe Yawl "LUCKY STAR" is SOLD

"POPPY" Built 2002 - 21 ft Blackwater Sailing Canoe - may be for sale in the near future
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(please enquire for details if interested in purchase )

6" Deadlight made up with 2 gunmetal rings and round glass

Ring ID 6"; OD 8.5"; glass diameter 6.5", thickness 0.25". Rings are wire brushed, glass slightly marked.

Price £25

Fixed Portlight - 4.5"

Condition - good. Glass slightly scratched. Made by Simpson Lawrence. Brass.

Ring OD 7.25"; spigot depth 1.25"; spigot OD 5.75".

Price £45

Boatyards often become a repository for fittings, projects, and so on - as well as fittings and equipment acquired through boats worked on, quite a lot of "jumble" has built up over the years from my own boats and projects, not to mention other stuff which has somehow been left with me and been kept for that special moment (which rarely arrives) when a use is found for it! Feeling a bit overcrowded I'm intending to start listing main items and the more interesting and valuable fittings. The yard is NOT open to casual callers - please contact me by telephone or e-mail to enquire for further details and to arrange viewing - I can arrange for some items to be sent by carrier but on the whole I expect this to be more a more useful resource for local boat owners.

Opening Portlight 4" glass, 5" flange/aperture in cabin side. Weight approx 1.9kgs.

Gunmetal. Unpolished, (Finish is wire-brushed).

I have three of these, but can split. The glass is pretty clear. 2 of the ring nuts are new so do not match the single original (which could be changed to match the others if required), the hinge bars are new, and new seals are provided - each portlight comes with the outboard (separate) ring.

Price - £165 for all three, or £65 each

Folding Propeller - Darglow, 2-Blade, 12 x 8, old but serviceable. Shaft - stainless, diameter 1 in (25.4mm) , slight wear, 43 ins (1095mm) long.

Also stern tube with traditional stern gland and bearing - needs new cutlass bearing, otherwise useable (stern tube has slight dent from deadwood bolt - seems OK). Tube OD is 1.5 ins (38mm), 34 ins (870)between flanges. The shaft had to be cut to remove it so the stern-tube may need to be shortened a bit - however there is some unused thread - it depends upon installation.

Prices - Prop £185; stern tube assembly £90

(offers considered)

Offset Transmission Mechanism - for inboard auxiliary engine

This gear was made up for use on my own boat, to drive the propellor shown above. The engine was an 8 hp air-cooled diesel, and this is the sort of power this mechanism is for. The project was never finished because in the end I installed an outboard well and did away with the inboard altogether.

The reason for making this is to get the engine out of the centreline of the boat, and out of the companionway. For the right-sized boat, the engine may be installed off to the side of the cockpit, or even under a stern deck or side benches.

This system gives complete flexible coupling, so the engine may be mounted on flexible mounts, and lining up the drive shaft with the propellor shaft need not be done too accurately. The best installation would add a thrust bearing to the prop shaft, but for low power this should not be necessary. The mechanism will need the addition of "feet" fitted to attach it to the boat and, if necessary, transmit the thrust.

The transmission was made up by a clever engineer friend from 2 VW Polo splined forward drive shafts, and the largest toothed cam belt drive that could be found (all from scrapyards). The toothed belt will avoid some of the problems of marine use (ie slipping when wet). There is a guide and tensioner fitted.

Dimensions Distance between centres 21" - 535mm; weight 18kg; depth 6.5" - 165mm; length approx 20" - 500mm; width across cam belt 27" - 690mm

The mechanism does need some more work to fit to a particular boat, and could do with painting and so on; there is no actual shaft coupling - ie it is a work in progress.
Price - £225 (or offer)

Restoration Project - Blackwater Sloop -no longer for sale