Nottage Institute - Traditional Boatbuilding Course

Nottage Institue

My classes are held at the Nottage Institute in Wivenhoe. I supervise and instruct ("enable") each participant to build their own boat. I supply most of the materials. Currently (Jan 2019) there are 9 boats under construction - 6 traditional Nottage dinghies, 1 plywood semi-dory, a 12 ft traditional dinghy, and a 12 ft clinker plywood MALLARD designed by Andrew Wolstenholme. My fellow tutor John Lane recently retired and I have some help now from Martin Hargreaves ......
...... we are interested to hear from anyone who might be interested in instructing this course.

The course takes place on 13 alternate Saturdays during the winter months where we work for a full day 0900 - 1730. Students are expected to complete their boats within approximately 600 hours, so you can see how long it can take unless some of the work is done at home!

The boats illustrated here are all to the Nottage Stem Dinghy plans which is our stock design. It is 3m long (9ft 10 ins) and has a beam of 1.3m (4ft 4ins). The lug rig has a sail area of about 5.5 sqm (58 sq ft). It is usually built with larch planking over oak frames with an iroko centreline. We've so far built one glued-plywood version. Some are built to row only, saving quite a bit of time and expense. The boat is heavily built and is a good stand-alone dinghy, capable of sailing well with 2 adults in a breeze.